- Morton Golf Foundation

       Funding Golf Programs That Make A Difference

Golf is an amazing sport—part recreation, part character building, part competition and it is said, the only game that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. People from all ages, genders and walks of life enjoy playing golf together. Because of its innate nature, golf promotes the values of courtesy, honesty, and respect for others. Golf also teaches sportsmanship,  taking personal responsibility,  perseverance and the building of self-confidence.

The Morton Golf Foundation is a 501c3 organization that raises funds for golf programs in the Sacramento community that instill these character building values to the youth, disabled and underserved.


Enriching Lives Through Golf

The Morton Golf Foundation Mission is to provide funds to programs offering a healthy outdoor recreational environment that stresses the building of lasting personal relationships while seamlessly instilling life's core values for the youth, disabled and underserved communities of Sacramento.

3645 Fulton Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95821

(916) 808-0969