2019 Kickoff #InviteHER

2019 Kickoff

Upcoming Events Notice

Please check for upcoming event registrations weekly.  The events will be updated as quickly as possible and March events will be open for registration by the end of February.

Upcoming Events

2019 Calendar

 2019 Calendar
As of 3-1-19
2019 Events Calendar

Board Members 2019

President:  Sonya Bradley     President@lpgaamateursSacramento.com

Membership:  Pam Katros   Membership@lpgaamateursSacramento.com
Events & Activities:  Lori Lucius   GolfEvents@lpgaamateursSacramento.com

Education:  Vicki Philpott   Education@lpgaamateursSacramento.com
Finance & Records: Doreen Freund  Finances@lpgaamateursSacramento.com
Marketing:  Tyra Jarvis   Marketing@lpgaamateursSacramento.com

Contact Us:  Communications@lpgaamateursSacramento.com

Phone It In!

Phone It In! 
Volunteer to be part of our "PHONE TREE" Posse

We are in need of 10 to 15 volunteers to be part of our Phone Tree Posse.  Make telephone calls to fellow LPGA Amateur members and personally invite their participation in golf, education and special events throughout the year.

I'll take up very little of your time plus you'll have the opportunity to engage with members you might not otherwise - and might even find some new golfing partners!  Most importantly, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you made an important contribution to the continuing success of the Sacramento Chapter of LPGA Amateurs Golf Association.

Here are the answers to some questions you may have:

WHEN?  "Phone Tree Posse" volunteers will occasionally (3-4 times per year) be asked to call 10-15 chapter members to invite and encourage their participation in a specific event - for example, the Annual Kickoff Brunch or a sponsor's social event.

WHERE?  Calls can be made from the comfort of your home - or anywhere else - that works for you.

  We want to ensure that EVERY member benefits from all the events, special activities and FUN we have to offer.  While our chapter's growth and retention rates were among the highest nationally last year - and our annual survey showed a high degree of member satisfaction - we are committed to doing even better this year.  We particularly want to reach out to new members so that they feel welcome, understand the various events and have an opportunity to ask questions.

So, what are you waiting for!  Email Pam Katros, Membership Director, at  Membership@LPGAAmateursSacramento.com.


2019 Snow Bunny League
Registration is closed and play is underway.  This is a fun, casual winter league that is played in January and February.  If you missed signing up, you may be able to join the group as FUN play by contacting Karen Zamarripa to see is there is space available after the field.

2019 Mix-It-Up Partners League
The 2019 Mix-It-Up League is a fun partners league intended to introduce the newer golfer to competition.  The coordinator will set up the two-person teams so you don't need to have a partner to register.  The league runs from March 24 to June 8, 2019.  Registration is open until March 15.   

Stableford League
The Stableford League is a fun, individual stroke play format.  Players earn points for each hole based on their net scores making this a perfect league for players with higher handicaps. The objective is to earn as many points as you can.  The league runs from June 15 to August 25, 2019.  Registration for the league will open in late April.    

Camellia Cup Match Play League
The 2019 Camellia Cup Match Play League will open for registration in July.   This league runs from September 14 to October 27.  

Fun Play

Monday Daytime

This 9-hole league continues year round every other Monday in Roseville.  Contact Kathy McKenzie if you are interested in the twice monthly play in Roseville. 

Tuesday "Days"
It's casual 18 holes and always fun!!  If you are interested in golfing during the day on Tuesdays, contact Sharon Blume. No weekly commitment required. 

Thursday Afternoon/Evenings
Casual 9-Hole Play after work at Haggin Oaks, Arcade Creek and the first 9 holes of the MacKenzie course.  Tee times start at 5:30pm.  Contact Linda Reid to be added to weekly email.  No weekly commitment required.  After golf dinner/drinks at the MacKenzie Grille. Play begins in April. 

Friday Daytime
This 9-hole league is year round every other Friday at Land Park.  Contact Marcie Fay  if you are interested in the twice monthly play in Sacramento.. 

Fun Friday Play at Haggin Oaks
(open to LPGA Amateur members)

Casual 9-Hole Fun Play on Friday mornings at Haggin Oaks.  Contact Linda Reid to be added to weekly email.  No weekly commitment required.  Play is year-round, weather permitting.